Download Queue

Version: 1.2.3 || Release Date: 2008-03-18 || License: Commercial with demo ($15) Developer: Olive Toast Software | App Owner: factoryjoe

Download Queue is a download manager. It supports multiple connections; the HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols; and full resume and authentication support. Downloads can be controlled manually or scheduled to run, and optionally stop, automatically at a chosen time every day or just once at a particular time and date.

It's also easy to manage your downloads which can be searched, sorted and filtered using various criteria. And then once you've downloaded a file it can be opened with a double-click or moved anywhere just by dragging and dropping onto a folder in the Finder, all from the Download Queue window.

Optional Safari and Firefox extensions can be installed, providing seamless integration with your browser.

Applescript is also supported: you can add/remove and control downloads from your scripts.

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1 Opinion

Download Queue is a really sleek replacement for ugly and bloated download managers. Integrates well with Safari and Firefox.

I am looking no further.