Version: 3-ish || Release Date: 2006-07-19 || License: Freeware Developer: http://cs.oberlin.edu/~dadamson/DragonDrop | App Owner: doctorhrothgar

DragonDrop is intended to reintroduce some of the functionality lost with the death of tabbed windows. We all remember tabbed windows, who trod the Classic paths. We could drag an open window to the bottom of the screen, and a title-tab peeked up, readily displaying its contents at a click or a drag, and collapsing to insignificance at the slightest thought of dismissal.

Some used the tabs for quick-launching their favoritest of applications and documents, others for drop boxes or to get things out of the way.

They're back, sort of.

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3 Opinions

Obviously missing a few features but this is extremely useful for keeping important folders accessible and visible but out of your way.

A Few Feature Requests:
1. Would be great if you could save finder window sets and it gave you the ability to call them back up and restore them at will. This way if your layout of folder tabs doesnt restore you have a way to do it manually.

2. Also it would be nice if there was an option to open up the folders in Pathfinder instead of finder.

3. Also would be cool if you could dock windows to either side of the screen as well.

It does some things in a better way than Sticky Windows does (in more the traditional OS9 way), though sticky windows is great because you can dock any window to your screen just by dragging it there, but still not Snow Leopard compatible.

And this one is free and the developer is clearly a good dude.

Has an annoying bug (on 10.4.10): icons size isn't remembered after restarting, it always goes back to some unreadable size, like 1×1 pixels.

Folders open in the Finder instead of opening in DragonDrop, making it less useful as an app launcher. I could the turning triangles to expand folders, but big icons are easier to reach.
I might use it to browse my music albums and launch them in Play, as they are sorted by genre\subgenre\artist\album...
(I wish I could disable the 'date' column, though.)