Version: 5.9.5 || Release Date: 2009-11-05 || License: Shareware (29.00) App Owner: neilfein

Flexible, very stable application launcher.

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I take back my negative comments on DragThing. I don't know what I was thinking. It's a good software that I still use and recommend. I did try operating without it and while it's do-able it is much more convenient and pleasant when DragThing is implemented.

Used to be a big fan of this app. But I've recently removed it because:

1) It is redundant. Spotlight/LaunchBar/Dock covers everything.
2) Some issues with CPU usage. Discovered it was constantly using 2~3% while doing absolutely nothing.
3) It takes way too much fiddling to maintain all aliases and get that perfect dock. After years of using it, less than half of my frequently used apps were in DragThing so I kept reaching LaunchBar/Spotlight and that ended up working really well.

It's the first Macintosh shareware I've bought when I switched to the Mac years ago. It was version 2 back then. It's version 5.9.5. now and still very useful... Essential, I might say. I use this in conjunction with LaunchBar. They complement each other. OS X hasn't taken advantage of fastest access locations enough (=screen corners & screen edges). DragThing addresses that deficiency by letting me maximize Mac graphical user interface. Strongly recommended.

App version number is 5.9.3 NOT 5.93, please correct !

I use it as my mouse launcher, and Launchbar as keyboard launcher. Love it.

DragThing is what the Dock should have been. And I'm in the "bi-apptual" category-- I use DragThing and QuickSilver both; they're complementary, not exclusionary. They're both more than just Launchers, and I use different feature sets in each.

Big fan of this application. I remember being blown away by v2 on a mate's Mac years ago and when I got my first Mac, it was the first piece of software I bought for it. I'm not sure if comparisons to Quicksilver are really useful because QS is really something totally different but seeing as how comparisons are popular, I'd say the main reason I ditched QS is because I find its background processes get in the way too much and since dropping QS my login times are dramatically reduced.

I still use dragthing in addition to QS. Believe it or not, there are some things that it actually seems to work better for. It's especially preferable if are more of a mouse-oriented user than a keyboard type.

However, the developer has been AWOL due to illness for the past 6 months, and the development of this app has been stalled. QS, on the otherhand, has been improving at an incredible speed.

I'm another who still loves DragThing better than QuickSilver.

They are both great apps, and can be used in a complementary fashion. QuickSilver has a ways to go before I consider it "stable".

With Dragthing, I'm never more than 2 clicks away from any of my apps, folders, or files.

I have not been using QuickSilver as long. It can also be fast, but still requires typing and visual scanning of lists... until you've fully trained it, I suppose. QS has a very nice "Triggers" mechanism for assigning keyboard shorcuts to specific actions.

DragThing gives you a lot of control over where you place your items in its dock, as well as aesthetic control over its appearance. Great for people like me who prefer a spatial orientation for finding things.

I still like DragThing better than Quicksilver. Heresy, I know, but there it is.

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