Dream Chronicles 2 : The Eternal Maze

Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2008-06-24 || License: Shareware ($19,95) Developer: KatGames | App Owner: sirgilwen

story world game of intricate puzzles & magical landscapes

Faye returns in this riveting sequel to face Lilith, the evil Fairy Queen. Help Faye navigate intricate puzzles and magical landscapes while piecing together clues. Can you discover the origin of the fairies and find each distinct dream jewel? Seek advice from foliage and feel your way out of the Eternal Maze, while traveling back and forth between the realms of humans and immortals. Help Faye find the true nature of things in Dream Chronicles â„¢ 2: The Eternal Maze.

Gorgeous, interactive mystery.
Detailed backgrounds.
Challenging puzzles.

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1 Opinion

Very enjoyable, much better than its prequel.