Drive Genius

Version: 4.x || Release Date: 2015-03-10 || License: Commercial with demo ($99) Developer: Prosoft Engineering | App Owner: celsmore69

Maintain, manage, and optimize your Mac hard drive with Drive Genius 2.

Is your Mac running slower? Is your hard drive filling up and you don't know why? Are you seeing the beach ball more or having other issues with your hard drive? Try Drive Genius 3, the best hard drive utility on the Mac platform – DrivePulse®, Enhanced Defrag, DriveSlim™, Enhanced Repartition are only a few of the award-winning features of Drive Genius 3. Drive Genius 3 is used by Apple at the Genius Bar as part of the ProCare Yearly Tune Up.

Drive Genius 3 now runs as a 64-bit application and includes new features such as; DrivePulse®, the best way to monitor the overall health of your drive, alerting you to possible issues before they become major problems. Drive Genius 3 also features RAID Support, Email Notifications and has enhanced previous features including Defrag, Repartition and Scan from version 2.
Drive Genius 3 is the best disk utility for the Mac platform. A new user interface, Drive Pulse®, 64-bit, Enhanced Defrag, RAID Support, Enhanced Repartition, Scan and Email Notifications are only a few of the award-winning features of Drive Genius 3. Optimize your drive with Drive Genius 3. Yes, this is the same product used by Apple at the Genius Bar to defrag your drive!*

*Part of ProCare Yearly TuneUp

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3 Opinions

Disk Warrior seems the best app for HD fix but this one seems the better for defragmenting and partitioning.

I tried using Disk Utility (partitioning under boot) but only Drive Genius (2.2) made it. It was showing some errors after but after a restart, no problems.

DiskWarrior fixed my friend's Powerbook G4 and Drive Genius (2.2) fixed my Macbook (early 2008).

Excellent. As mentioned, the only app (so far) that allows you to physically scan the HDD for bad sectors.
The only downside is that version 1.2 allowed you to scan the HDD from the CD when inserted (ie from Finder, insert the boot disk and run the sector scan from within OSX without having to log out). The latest version however, requires you to reboot from the CD before doing any sector scan to the HDD....a more cumbersome process (of course, this just maybe something I'm doing wrong here )

I also use DiskWarrior as well as this app (use Diskwarrior first, and this second if the problem isn't solved). I also have Techtool Pro (free with AppleCare) but don't find that as good as these other two.

Overall=something your mac shouldn't be without.

This in conjuction with DiskWarrior are what I use to get machines happy and healthy again. Drive Genius is the only app I know of that is able to scan for bad blocks on a drive. Highly recommended!