Version: 2.10.29 || Release Date: 2014-08-20 || License: Freeware Developer: Evenflow Inc | App Owner: energio

Store, sync and share your files online.

Dropbox is an application that creates a special Finder folder that automatically syncs online and between your computers. It allows you to both backup files and keep them up-to-date between systems.

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works great. effortless. plain fun.

DropBox is one alternative when you need online back up. Very nice, easy to use, fair memory and CPU use. 2GB space. Nice one. One note: Will be reviewed again after several years from now.

About the updates of the dropbox-client: They do push updates, but are relatively conservative about when to do so. If you always want the latest beta client, download it in their forums. Others just wait.

Tried and tested. Works. And more than so – it's the best quick sharing tool (not the least for use in corporate environments) I've come across so far.

I'm not sure about using this with confidential information, but for common-day reports and trivial things, it's just great.

Its Simple And Really Sexy!!

Sharing Folders is a wonderful tool, copying files from the Shared folder on DropBox is like one folder to another on the same Computer.

Serves my purpose..

How does this update itself? As far as I know, the "best" place of finding recent updates of DropBox is to visit iusethis. I may be blind, but I didn't find anything in the preferences nor on the getdropbox website.

I love dropbox. I use it on 3 computers:
Macbook for home use and 2 desktops (one Ubuntu and one WinXP) at work. Keeps all my frequently needed files matched up and where I need them without ever needing to worry about them.

Love this app. It's the perfect solution for syncing my two most used apps -- Journler and Things.

@ open0source

If its strictly quick public file sharing you are after, use Papaya: http://osx.iusethis.com/app/papaya#opinions

You don't have to relinquish your files to a 3rd party in order to share them.

Excellent app. Combined with fruux it's a really great MobileMe replacement!

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