DropClip for Dropbox

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Version: 2.0.1 || Release Date: 2015-01-14 || License: Commercial with demo (9.99) Developer: Freshcode | App Owner: ekscrypto

Quickly share direct links to files in any shared Dropbox folder privately

Does your team use Dropbox to share files? DropClip can help you find your shared files faster! With DropClip, you can send coworkers directly to 
any shared Dropbox file on their Mac. It opens a Finder Window and highlights the shared file you send them on their local hard drive.

- Are you fed up with your never-ending search for Dropbox files?
- Does your team ever open and edit the wrong Dropbox files?
- Are you worried about sharing important files publicly in the cloud?

- DropClip opens Finder straight to the enclosing folder and highlights the shared file
- DropClip ensures that coworkers open the correct file, not duplicates or older versions
- Using DropClip maintains all Dropbox permissions and security rights

1) Right click any Dropbox file or folder
2) Select ‘Copy DropClip Link’
3) Share the link with another DropClip user
4) The other DropClip user clicks the link and DropClip will open a Finder widow and highlight the file or folder

- DropClip also has the Copy File Link feature, which allows you to share the path to any file or folder in a format they can easily read (e.g. Shared Drive/Acme Client/Project Release plan.xlsx)

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