Version: 1.1.2 || Release Date: 2011-05-04 || License: Freeware Developer: TinyCrumb x Culturezoo | App Owner: matthewlowery

drag, drop, share

Droplr is a service for uploading, hosting & sharing stuff. What stuff? Any stuff. You can share images, notes, links and just about any type of file you'd use on your computer. Droplr consists of a desktop application for Mac OS X, an iPhone app and the web application for managing your stuff.

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I only discovered it a few weeks ago and I love it, works beautifully.

I get the impression this service, although still running, has been abandoned. It is fairly unreliable now, often appearing to upload but resulting in 0k downloads.

The support page 404's and e-mails bounce.

A shame as was a great service.

this is much better than cloudapp for now, it's perfect for what it does

App is great and i am using it nowadays but it needs a better (more macish) interface for web.
And it would be great if it could have gain some speed.
Now it has a (weak) opponent (cloud).

i love this!
its not too bulky like skitch, and not too simple to not be able to customize to your liking... its just right!
little buggy tho, waiting for next release!

Haven't really seen much here that would make me consider this over Dropbox with the occasional Skitch for screenshots… Seems to be entering a crowded field with little new to offer…?

It's available now.

Their conversations are over unfortunately.
They did have one on mac appstorm for 20 invites, and techxav had 5, and droplr gave out 5 ontop of that. But you missed all that. I won one of the techxav ones!

Closed Beta... annoying.

How can I get an invitation code?