Version: 2.4.9 || Release Date: 2012-12-11 || License: Shareware ($10 (US)) Developer: Mudflat Software | App Owner: ira

Fast, folder-based syncing

DropSync is a fast and flexible folder synchronization tool.

It is ideal for a wide range of syncing tasks including:

- Updating on-the-go documents to a USB stick
- Backing up, or mirroring a website from a remote host to your local computer
- Backing up precious files like photos, music and websites to a second computer or external hard drive.

Under the hood, DropSync uses an industrial-strength syncing engine (rsync), which means that it is both fast and reliable.

DropSync works by incrementally updating files from a source to a destination. It lets you setup multiple sets of folders to sync and can handle syncing between many folders simultaneously.

Some of DropSync’s other features include:

- The ability to sync with remote computers via the ssh protocol (works from mac to mac and mac to linux)
- Detailed, searchable previews of every sync operation
- AppleScript support lets power users easily automate syncs
- Support for adding custom rsync options

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