Version: 0.3.0 || Release Date: 2009-11-20 || License: Shareware ($10) Developer: Aptonic Software | App Owner: notnek

The swiss army knife of drag and drop for the Mac.

Drag a file onto the dock icon and your fully customizable grid of destinations flies smoothly out using core animation.

Dropzone has a powerful Ruby based API that allows you to script Dropzone to do whatever you need. Not only that, but all the code for the destinations above is open source. So you can help us make Dropzone even better!

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2 Opinions

impossible to instal these new version
i don't know how to do with apple X.6.3

Let me be the first to comment here by saying Dropzone is a very useful app with unlimited potential. Check out the homepage, take a gander at the user added extensions and give this great app a try.