Version: 2.1.2 || Release Date: 2006-07-19 || License: Commercial with demo (149.00 USD) Developer: i3 Software Engineering | App Owner: moshisushi

DSP-Quattro is a real time audio editor with high quality processing capabilities and innovative GUI design. By many concidered a better alternative to big brothers Peak and Spark.

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1 Opinion

I bought this application 3 or so years ago, and while I've liked pretty much everything with DSP-Quattro, I've had some very bad beefs with its behavior.

First and foremost, I must add a disclaimer, because I actually abandoned DSP-Quattro because of this, and corrections have been done to address this.

The number one grief I had, until I decided to toss it away, was that it insisted on having me save a new file, before starting to work on it... Consequently, that led to a lot of undesired file on my harddrive, since (you know) there are moments when you just want to fiddle around, "jotting" down some sounds sketches, without needing to save the results.

The other grief, is the way in which the keyboard shortcuts were laid out. I found the copy/paste operation to be very weird. Instead of pasting by means of normal Command-V shortcut, I had to use (I might recall the exact combination wrong, as it was a while since I last used this program) Command-Alt-V, or something like that.

But. Apart from these 2 issues, I feel obliged to also say, that this is a very fast , robust and powerful audio editor. If you're looking for a simple yet amazingly competent audio editor today, my recommendation would undoubtedly be Wave Editor, by Audiofile Engineering (www.audiofile-engineering.com).