DualOsx v.1

Version: 1.0 || Release Date: 2006-12-10 || License: Freeware App Owner: dotcommer

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DualOsx v1 is based on the technology of the dual core 2 processor technology and UNIX which makes this programme possible. Due to these new processors, Mac OSX can carry out multiple commands from two mice or graphic tablets at the same time.

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5 Opinions

After a year and a half with no program in their download ZIP file and no responses to anyone's email, this program must be vaporware. Isn't it time to remove it from iusethis.com ?

Where are the two people who actually use this program? Can they post the program somewhere the rest of us could get to it?

I could never get the app, the zip file is empty except for the read me. I've been trying for a couple of month now and i contacted the programmer with no answer.

@ 343max, they seem to be having a problem with their download. When you download from their link, you only get their instruction page. Not sure whats going on, but please check yourself and think things through before typing something asinine.

@ groxx, currently, it is only for Intel Cor Duo macs from my understanding.

I've seen things that behave similarly on PCs. It's not something unique to multi-core/processor systems. One I even saw for OSX that allowed both mice to interact with a single window (ie, resizing from opposite corners, shuffling things around in the same window at the same time, etc) as well.
Which makes me wonder, if/when the developer fixes the download (just gives you a folder with an RTF file), is it only for Intel Macs? It sounds like it is, but there's practically nothing on the website.

Complete bs. App doesn't even exists.