Dubstep Kit™

Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2013-07-10 || License: Commercial with demo (19.99) Developer: App Code Source, LLC | App Owner: appcodesource

The official Dubstep Kit™ app for Mac. DJs rave 5-stars around the world! Create your own stunning and electrifying commercial use Dubstep music, beats & more!

Download the FREE DEMO and see what DJs around the world are talking about!

Create hundreds of different music combinations by mixing Dubstep loops and one-shots together. Use at parties, clubs, DJ events, live venues, raves and more. Built for DJs around the world.

You also get 384 FREE downloadable High-Definition 192kHz Dubstep Kit stereo audio files for commercial use - NO in-app purchases inside this app! You are free to sell your own music mixes containing this audio in it.

Built specifically for Dubstep enthusiasts and DJs around the world. Experience crystal clear audio with stunning retina graphics and a full screen mode for an optimal mixing interface.

100% royalty free, commercial use audio!


• 384 Stereo Dubstep Loops & One-Shots
• 140 BPM Audio
• 16 "A" & "B" Audio Categories
• 32 Stop & Loop Controls
• 32 Volume Slider Controls (increase volume up to 2x)
• Free Downloadable HD Audio Files
• Full Screen Mode


• Master Volume slider with Sync control
• 17 Multi-Fader (in/out) category selections
• 2, 5, 8, 15 & 20 second fader settings
• Single, multiple or all category fade in/out
• Fade In/Out sliders - Slide left or right to set duration
• Reset Button (reset all categories, volume & controls back to default settings)


• Play multi-audio loops & effects simultaneously
• Loop individual or multiple audio files simultaneously
• Play/Stop audio in one category, without stopping another category
• Isolated Category Volume Controls
• Enhanced with Retina Graphics for MacBook Pro® with Retina display

  • Press space bar to stop all audio.
  • Press red stop button to stop audio in that category only.


• 24 Bass Wobbles
• 24 Claps & Snares
• 24 DJ Effects
• 24 DJ Scratches
• 24 Dubstep Drum Loops
• 24 Dubstep DJ Vocals
• 24 Dubstep FX
• 24 Electron Dubstep FX Loops
• 24 Hi Hats & Cymbals
• 24 Kick Drums
• 24 Percussion
• 24 Synth Bass
• 24 Synth Leads & Synth Wobbles
• 24 Synth Loops
• 24 Synth Pads
• 24 Transition FX


You can download all 16 FREE Dubstep Kit audio packs as High-Definition 192kHz stereo audio. You must have an Internet connection to download High-Definition audio. All Dubstep Kit audio is 100% royalty free for commercial use! You are free to sell your own music mixes containing this audio in it.

  • NO in-app purchases inside this app!

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