Version: 5.1.3 || Release Date: 2012-10-29 || License: Shareware (18.00 U.S.) Developer: Bruji | App Owner: farranco

DVDpedia is a movie cataloging application for Mac OS X.

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If you're a movie enthusiast and if you're looking for a solid app to manage both your collection and your wishlists, look no further! Simply shines above the rest. Solid support for IMDB and a whole more online services, custom database fields, tag support, smart folders, localized versions, user extensions, duplicate search, integration with local file system... you want it, you get it!

Awesome program for the organized movie collector! It ties very nicely into the various movie information sites and you can even compile a movie's information from multiple sites. Well worth the little bit of money it takes to register.

I agree with all these other comments. Bought Delicious Library first, but this program is so much faster, better designed, and more powerful, I had to spend the money again to pick it up.

is there a way to transfer a whole list of dvds from DVDfennel library to this program without having to go through them 1 by 1?

seriously, way better than delicious library. especially the full screen feature.

I have been a long time user of DVDpedia and recently picked up Delicious Library to compare. It's unfortunate that DL has such a mass of marketing and recognition, as DVDpedia blows it out of the water easily.

I switched to this from Delicious Library. Me like :)
As an bonus you can launch your movie files from within the application if you want.