Version: 5.5 || Release Date: 2010-09-29 || License: Shareware ($24.95) Developer: Xeric Design | App Owner: xericdesign

A dynamic world desktop picture.

Replaces your static desktop picture with an image of the Earth showing current sun, moon, and city illumination. The software operates silently, in the background, keeping your desktop updated while you work. With an internet connection, EarthDesk displays real-time global cloud cover, allowing users to track hurricanes and typhoons, or simply admire our beautiful planet. User options allow you to adjust the overall transparency of the cloud layer.

EarthDesk supports eleven different map projections, political and satellite views, and is the only application of its kind to support both accurate moonlight and multiple monitors. With multiple monitors, each desktop is independently configurable so that different maps can be shown on different screens - or you may choose to only display map images on certain monitors. Version 5 is a major upgrade with many new features and benefits.

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3 Opinions

Love it! The desktop always looks gorgeous and I like to see the "life" in it. :) 5/5

Very similar to osxplanet. Looks cool as your desktop :)

Fascinating desktop picture tool that lets my mind flow and that gives inspiration as well as the idea of a world community.