Earth Explorer

Version: 6.1 || Release Date: 2010-05-27 || License: Commercial with demo (39.95$) App Owner: lucanonato

Earth Explorer 6.1 is GPS Enabled digital map software with high-resolution satellite imagery

Earth Explorer 6 is GPS Enabled digital map software with high-resolution satellite imagery, shaded relief topographic imagery and blending imagery of the two. It also include location information of 270 countries and regions, 50000+ cities, 15000+ islands and 50000+ earthquakes from 1973; And outline information of political boundaries, rivers, lakes, coastlines of the world. All those map information was integrated together for providing a total 3D view of our beautiful planet earth. You can place your own placemarks and path routes to the map, show GPS tracks on the map and keep them with the maps if you connected with a GPS device. Beside these, it has many other interesting functions, you can regard it is a kind of educational scientific software of geography.

Support realtime satellite map GPS navigation on vehicle/ship/plane; 30m-res satellite image(Landsat7) and 90m-res SRTM; Include information of 270 countries and regions, 40000+ cities, 15000+ islands, 50000+ earthquakes from 1973 and vector layers includes political boundaries, coastlines, rivers, lakes, longitude-latitude grids; 4. User can add their own Placemarks, Paths, GPS Tracks; Support NEMA-0183 compatible GPS receiver; Measure and calculate distance and bearing between any two location, find by name, show day/night shadow effect, adjust Gamma. 8. Download maps to disk cache in background (Advanced license).

Standard: 39.95$, Advanced: 99.95$

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