Version: 1.0.7 || Release Date: 2007-12-19 || License: Freeware Developer: Ambrosia Software, Inc | App Owner: saddino

EasyEnvelopes is a Dashboard widget that helps you quickly print an one-off envelope, or utilize its tight integration with Address Book which allows you to quickly find a person's address to print an envelope for. It handles USPS bar codes for both 5 and 9 digit bar codes, and boasts many time-saving nicities. The software is fully localizable (works with any country's address format), and allows users to customize the envelope size, return address, mailing address, and more.

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5 Opinions

Invaluable. Synched to Address Book; makes the fol-der-ol of printing envelopes in Word go away. And free. Highly recommended.

A fabulous widget that I use often and especially at Christmas.

It does one tiny little thing, and does it exceptionally well. Actually faster than writing out an envelope by hand.

One of the most useful widgets I've ever come across.

C'est un exellent widget, je m'en sers régulièrement.