Version: 1.0.1 || Release Date: 2010-12-20 || License: Commercial with demo (5) Developer: squashed software | App Owner: digitalbuilt

A GUI for the VPN server feature already in OSX.

EasyVPN is an interface for the standards based VPN Server that is included in MacOS X. Apple provides an interface for OS X Server but not for regular OS X.
EasyVPN provides a similar, yet simple interface to fully configure the VPN Server.

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Yes you can play around in Terminal in OSX and setup your VPN server... or you can just pay $5 and make your life easier. I used the demo for a while, you must start it each time u reboot, but finally paid the $5. My home MacMini (on 25 Gb Fios)is now a secure way to browse while at work or on open wifi.