Version: 1.2.0 || Release Date: 2014-03-17 || License: Shareware ($5.99) Developer: Xelaton Software | App Owner: xelaton

eBookBinder is the super-easy tool to create your own ebooks using your existing documents.

eBookBinder is the super-easy tool to create your own ebooks using your existing documents. There are just three major steps to your very own eBook:

1. Enter book details. Name of the book and its author, add an image for the book-cover, webpage of the publisher and other details can be entered. There is no need to fill all fields, at least you should enter a name for your book.

2. Add text-files as chapters to your book-project. Every single text-file you add to eBookBinder is treated as a single chapter. Give your chapters a name and order them per drag'n drop to your desired sequence of chapters.

3. Create your ebook. Just hit the "Bind Book"-Button and eBookBinder will compile the ebook for you. That's all!

What can be added to eBookBinder

eBookBinder supports several different types of text-files. Next to plain-text files also doc-, odt-, rtf-, rtfd-, html- and webarchive-files are supported by eBookBinder.

Support of markup-languages eBookBinder also accepts plain-text files written in Markdown, MultiMarkdown, Textile, Wikitext and Smark as input. These will be converted on the fly when adding these as chapters to your book-process. Visit the preferences of eBookBinder to determine the file-extensions which should be treated for conversion. All files with appropriate file-extensions will be converted when imported.


When compiling your book-project, eBookBinder creates two different ebook-formats. Next to an epub-file also a mobi-file will be created.

In-built editor

eBookBinder also features an in-build editor which offers some basic editing features like setting text bold, inverse or underlined and alignment of text. However, the best feature of the editor is the reduce feature: Select the text you want to keep and hit the reduce button, anything not selected will be removed. This is ideal for editing web-articles to remove all the advertising- and navigation-stuff quickly.

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