Version: 304 || Release Date: 2013-06-13 || License: Commercial with demo ($10) Developer: Naan Studio, Inc. | App Owner: matt

Native Mac OS X twitter client that syncs read status with iPhone version

Stay on top of your Twitter timeline with Echofon for Mac. The beautiful, subtle interface will be a welcome addition to your Mac’s desktop.

Super Clean Interface
The Echofon interface was carefully designed to be comfortably left open all day, it stays out of the way when necessary and expands to support all the advanced features you need, when you need them.

Tweet Attachments
Easily attach photos to your tweets with drag and drop. You can also attach screen captures, current iTunes song, or current page in Safari. Echofon uses handy indicators to show which tweets have photos, videos, location, conversations etc.

Multiple Accounts
Use all of your Twitter accounts in Echofon, account switching is easy and you’ll see a subtle notification for mentions and messages you recieve in background accounts.

Painless iPhone Sync
Unread tweets stay in sync with your iPhone. If you read tweets on your mac, and later open up Echofon on your iPhone, you can pick up right where you left off. Never again will you read the same tweet twice!

Browser Drawer
Echofon has a unique drawer interface that is used for supplementary tasks such as viewing a user’s profile, timeline, favorites, followers etc. It is also used for people search. This helps you keep focus on the main timeline while pulling up other information as needed.

Search, Trends, Find People
Full search support including trends with explanations, saved search and people search.

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Promising, but lacks @replies for users. When looking up a user, I get all the usual as the persons tweets, who he is following, followers, lists, report spam, follow etc. But a simple icon or menu option to see that users replies/mentions that Tweetie offers would be great.

E-mailed them about such an option but no response yet unfortunately.

echofon is easily the best twitter client i've tried on the mac. it has none of the gripes i've had about apps like socialite and tweetie. it's fast, lightweight, and so far completely bug free.

currently using the free, ad-supported version but would definitely pay for the full version.

excellent app.

Echofon is incredibly comprehensive, yet extremely lightweight. I've used pretty much all of the major twitter clients, but none of them bundles all of the best features into a single app except for Echofon. Please keep up the great development work! I would totally buy this app when it's officially released, considering the price is reasonable :)

Good one. It's a tie with Tweetie IMO

It's amazing watching the love going into this app with each successive version. Great work.

@ iquanyin:
Echofon will be free only while in beta stage. After that you'll have to pay.
As you can read in the developer's website: "Full release & pricing will be announced soon."

echofon is the twitter app on mac, as far as i'm concerned. i've used it on iphone forever -- and i've tried them all. tweetie is king on iphone, and twitbird pro is good, but echofon is my backup on iphone. on mac? again, i've tried them all, systematically down the list from iphonewiki. echofon's light, fast, easy, looks good, and has a stylish icon. and they add features often. best of all: free.

This just keeps getting better and better. Quite happy to pay for this when it goes gold.

Why isn't anyone commenting about this app? I like it!

This is brilliant.

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