Version: 4.4.1 || Release Date: 2014-06-20 || License: Freeware App Owner: jelsas

Superb Java IDE, recently released an Intel verison.

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The most amzing IDE. Java top scorer. Hope they add JavaFX support so that we are rid of Netbeans...

Doesn't feel great to use on the Mac. Using it only because of the great PyDev Python plugin for Eclipse.

Not my favorite program by any means, but the Cusp Lisp plugin is far more accessible than Emacs.

It works like a charm for Perl programmers!
I use it at work and at home to develop my perl script and it's great!

Huge, vastly bloated, but it does just about everything.
I've had a lot of problems with it basically just being annoying and scanning stuff at inopportune times, errors showing up where there was no error, and other glitches, but generally it's stable enough.

Frankly, I'd recommend using multiple, more specialized apps. Eclipse makes horrible use of available RAM, and makes tons of unnecessary HDD reads/writes. But, as a one-stop-shop, it really is excellent, and nothing else comes even remotely close to achieving what it does.

There's an icon now :)

I use Yoxos on demand - a free Eclipse Distribution/personalized download service.
It contains Eclipse 3.2 as Universal Binary and nearly every Plugin is available there and can be added to your custom download. I'm very happy with it!

Note: Eclipse is not only a Java IDE. It supports C/C++, Haskell, PHP, Pearl, Ruby, OCaml, Groovy, Python, Erlang, ...

Need moar VRAMS!

The best IDE there is. With Eclipse, there's no need for other IDE's for php, javascript, java, python etc...
And the integration of CVS is just brilliant!