Version: 3.0.7 || Release Date: 2012-07-28 || License: Commercial with demo ($10) Developer: Louka Desroziers & Olivier Charavel | App Owner: factoryjoe

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Ecoute is an awesome application for your Mac that allows you to play your music with a stunning UI and without all the weight of iTunes. It reads music directly from iTunes Music Library without having to launch it.

One of the most cool features of Ecoute is the super cool desktop controller. This desktop controller is fully customizable via HTML, CSS & Javascript and it's what we're going to talk about in this tutorial.

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The latest (3.0.3) seems to use considerably less memory than the previous poster said (although his comment was from a year ago) - now I'm getting around 25-35MB memory usage making it considerably more lightweight than iTunes.

I'm sorry, but something using nearly three times the RAM of iTunes but claiming to be lighter weight means I'm going to be looking elsewhere. The UI is gorgeous, yes, but the user pays for it with huge memory usage (150 MB for a music player?).

nice light iTunes alternative - but for some reason it quite randomly shows & fails to show artwork - the same album will have artwork on the desktop controller, but not on the app window...then when I switch spaces the artwork on the desktop will disappear, replaced with the no artwork graphic.


I completely agree. I want Ecoute to have a 'dumb remote' mode where all it does is control itunes. Suggested it to the Devs but they shot it down.

I really want to love Ecoute. However, I wish that it wouldn't try to be its own player. Directly controlling iTunes instead of using iTunes database would be far more useful to me. One big issue that shows up frequently is with VMware... if I'm doing some heavy crunching, iTunes never skips or stutters, but Ecoute will.

The newest version of Ecoute (November 26th, 2009) is 1.3.4. But, for some reason, the latest versions are all 1.2.6 in I Use This...
What's wrong with the updates of Ecoute in this website? (Just my curiosity.)

@ anamanaman:
Why don't you try Vox? It is able to play audio files from a folder. And not only QuickTime audio formats, but also FLAC, Monkey Audio and a few more. (But WMA is not supported.)
Version 0.2.6 is not fully compatible with Snow Leopard. It plays files, but all other features are not working (file conversion, equalizer, effects, etc.).
A beta version fully compatible with Snow Leopard will be released soon.
(And no... I'm not the developer of Vox. I'm just an ordinary user.)

When just playing a song, iTunes uses 4% of one core and about 400 megs of real memory.

When doing the same, Ecout uses about the same. (Also, it's hard to assign ratings in Ecoute.)

Maybe a player that ignores the iTunes library and just plays files off the Library tree would be significantly lightweight. The helper keeps track of what's played and updates the iTunes library if it can next time iTunes launches. Reading off the iTunes library means it hangs as much as iTunes on launch and coupled with the lack of improvement when actually playing songs, I just can't recommend this.

I want to like this application, but at least when it's reading from my 800 GB iTunes library it's as slow as iTunes, and as hangy.

App looks cool. I wish it could decouple from my itunes library though. I'd love a separate player that operates on a folder of MP3s I find somewhere to decide whether or not to add songs to my library.

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