Version: 2.1 || Release Date: 2011-07-05 || License: Other Open Source Developer: Pavel Císler | App Owner: haleakalari

Eddie is a programmers editor for MacOSX. Inspired by MPW on the Macintosh, it is ideal for C/C++ development. Eddie is great for development using makefiles and shell tools but can also be used with XCode projects. The Worksheet in Eddie is a full-featured shell that combines the power of bash and the ease of editing in a normal text window-like mode. Automatic makefile generation is supported using worksets. Eddie was originally written for BeOS and is currently ported and being further developed for MacOSX.

Version for 10.4: http://el34software.com/latest/EddieOSX.zip

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A new version of Eddie is out since the 2009/09/24. So i thought it would be nice to update the application profile

i have been trying this out and it seems like a very well put together little coding app. i might switch over from textwrangler to eddie sometime between now and when 1.0 final is released, but until then... i thought i would put it up on iusethis for others to enjoy as well.