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Version: 2.0.0 || Release Date: 2014-03-31 || License: Commercial with demo ($1.99) Developer: CAI WEI | App Owner: seanchai


Similar Images Finder is dedicated in eliminating similar images and duplicating images efficiently, conveniently and shortcut operations application. It will help you easy find similar images of images folder and choose any image to duplicate, delete or move.

Efficiently find similar images
* Add or drag-n-drop one or multiple folders to group similar pictures.
* Specify a picture and then drag-n-drop one or multiple folders to find similarity.
* Add photos from your iPhoto and Photo Booth libraries.

Support five comparing algorithms to find similar images:
*Fingerprint+Time Interval
*Histogram+Time Interval
*Duplicate Only

Intelligent comparison setting
* Choose any two pictures for similarity level comparison.
* Preview pictures in groups mode or one on one mode.

Manage images conveniently
* Delete, copy, move on found similarities with a single click.
* Support drag-n-drop to add image and folders.
* Show the basic information of images: paths, etc.
* Support to filter image formats.
* Users can sort images by time, title, file name and the similarity.

Who Can Benefit from Similar Images Finder?

Similar Images Finder can benefit most anyone who keeps images on the computer. See some examples.

* Professional photographers. This tool can help them pro photographers quickly group a series of photos and choose the best photo.
* Webmasters. Webmasters who have websites with many photos and graphics can use Similar Images Finder to organize photos and delete duplicate photos that take space on the hard disk.
* Photo editors. People edit photos with applications and make backups just in case.
* Picture collectors. People who collect pictures, digital photos and desktop wallpapers can rely on Similar Images Finder to eliminate same or similar files, making the collection unique.

We've worked hard to make Similar Images Finder as simple and efficient as possible for you to use. Besides, if you have any thoughts, you can contact us via email or reviews on the app store. We'll appreciate any ideas to help us making improvements to future versions of this app.

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