Version: 2.0.3 || Release Date: 2012-07-24 || License: Commercial with demo ($49.95) Developer: Creaceed | App Owner: sanbirdette

Toolbox for customizing QuickTime movies on Snow Leopard

You can imagine 1001 ways to customize movies using Elasty’s features:
- Stabilize a movie so that you can watch it in a more convenient way
- Rotate a movie which was recorded in portrait mode when it should have been in landscape mode
- Add an African mask, hippie glasses or bad boys tattoos on your brother's face
- Make your sister look like an alien
- Add a movie of yourself next to your favorite actor
- Define a blur zone that will follow somebody's eyes
- Emit particles from moving objects
- Add beating hearts around your best friends at their wedding
- Change the speed of some parts to emphasize the importance of what’s happening...

Common features in image processing (but less usual in movie processing):
- Crop
- Rotate
- Flip

Advanced Features:
- Image Stabilization
- Improved Motion Tracking (with probe insertion)
- Scene Breaks (with probe deactivation and reactivation)
- Special Effects Library (Blur, Color, Distortion, Particles...)
- Separate Rendering for Sound and Image
- Entire or Partial Movie Rendering
- Retiming (acceleration and slow motion).

You can import various image formats from any sources, including direct access to your iPhoto and iMovie media. You can also use your iSight, directly from within Elasty, to import a picture or animation. You can even import your own Quartz Composer effects.

The rendered movie is in QuickTime format, enabling further composition in Final Cut Pro or iMovie.

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