Email Archiver

Version: 1.0.3 || Release Date: 2010-09-18 || License: Freeware Developer: Spot Documents | App Owner: tomandersen

Create nicely rendered PDFs of all your email for archival purposes.

Your email is valuable. The format that it is stored in with Apple Mail is neither future-proof nor accessible. Use Email Archiver to create an archive of all your emails, or just a few folders.

Creates a hierarchy of PDFs, one for each email, using the subject line as the filename, with all email headers included. Attachments are in a folder alongside the email.

If you make a slip while setting up IMAP or POP a lot of email can be erased. This helps with that problem.

Also, if you want to store all your emails on a file server somewhere, be it S3, FTP or SMB, this will help.

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