Version: x5 || Release Date: 2012-07-08 || License: Commercial with demo ($239.95 (U) App Owner: rmillstein

Search online bibliographic databases, organize references, images and PDFs in any language, and create bibliographies and figure lists instantly, instead of spending hours typing bibliographies, or using index cards to organize references. Integrates the following tasks into one program:

* Search bibliographic databases on the Internet
* Organize references, images and PDFs
* Construct your paper with built-in manuscript templates
* Watch the bibliography and figure list appear as you write!

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I use this because our department has licences for it. Endnote is a pretty poor app all round. But it has the best compatibility; X1 includes better support for OpenOffice which is great.

One thing I don't understand about the Endnote or alternatives (bookends and sente) is why one cannot manage terms properly. I have several different journal names in a database and nothing on the Mac can handle proper management of this. Reference manager which is windows only can.

After the nightmares its given me recently, I've switched back to referencing everything manually, waste less time that way fixing Endnote's errors (why it can't handle secondary citations properly is beyond me).

You should try Sente. I did it and I have not turn back since then. Sente allows now searching the Web of Science too. :)

Unfortunately, this seems to have the best support for Word (have not yet given Sente a fair chance). The interface and whole program experience are so horrible, however, that I am tempted to write my own scripts to use BibTeX in word. Cite While You Write kills my computer after a fairly simple 15-page document. Could be an excellent app if they'd only focus on the basics...

I think most mac users would agree that EndNote has and enourmously unconfortable and ugly UI, making it difficult to manage large collections of references. Programs like Sente are much better in that respect. Sadly however, when it comes to inserting references in Word documents and dynamically updating bibiographies in MS Word there is no better alternative. Sente is quite clumsy in that respect and I never could quite get into Bookends (although some people swear by the latter). Bibdesk looks nice, but it's only for TeX which aint' for the faint of heart...

Still waiting for that EndNote killer all these years... :(

Use it, but wish there was a better app out there. Was a great app until Thompson purchased them. Since then, instead of bux fixes, they come out with a new version. I couldn't write papers/articles without it, though.

Not sure what you mean... I'm using 8.0 and it still works. Software doesn't break because there's an upgrade out... granted, the upgrades are expensive. So, don't get every single one.

"Upgrades" every year at $99 bucks a pop just to keep the stupid program working.

Clunky and bloated. Do any alternatives exist?