Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2011-07-04 || License: Freeware App Owner: achaiah

Enfomi is free encryption application supporting better than "Top Secret" level encryption. It is ultra-portable and can produce self-extracting archives.

1. It provides up to 256-bit AES based encryption (for comparison, the current military standards require 128-bit encryption for top secret documents). It supports 22 different types of encryption (many 3DES, IDEA, AES variants)

2. It can create self-decrypting archives, meaning that you do not need to carry the program with you, just the encrypted file. However, due to the overhead (about 1Mb) of stuff that needs to be stored with the self-decrypting version, you can also create stand-alone encrypted files.

3. It allows you to select multiple files and folders to be encrypted into one file.

4. Features full support for drag & drop.

5. All files are zipped before being encrypted (thus making the archive a little more secure as well as saving space)

6. Because Enfomi is written in Java, it should be able to run on any platform that has Java 1.6 or above.

7. You should be able to run Enfomi (or a self-decrypting file created with Enfomi) simply by double-clicking on it.

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