Version: 1.6.0 || Release Date: 2013-12-13 || License: Shareware ($19) Developer: Eigenlogik | App Owner: ethereon

A versatile and easy to use archiver capable of creating, modifying and extracting many archive formats.

Entropy allows you create, modify and extract popular archive formats like zip, 7z and tar.

A versatile tool, Entropy allows you to :

- Extract an entire archive, or individual files within it.

- View contents of an archive instantly without extracting it.

- Create new archives ( including multi-volume split archives )

- Modify existing archives

- Secure your archives using AES-256 encryption.

- Search within archives.

- Filter out unnecessary files ( like .DS_Store ).

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@mariposauess : sit + sitx support is planned.

For the zip icon, could you please describe the issue in more detail (is it not displaying Entropy's zip icon, or do you want to change it to a custom one...?) You can reach me at [email protected]

not support fot Sit and Sitx!!! :( and can not change the icon of zip file even handled in perferences.

Requires 10.6.

Recently discovered this. It has quickly become one of my most frequently used apps, replacing BetterZip.


Hi, thanks for the details, I am trying it out now. I still think 19 dollars is not cheap for this app. I sent you a Support email because I do have a issue.

i like it - finally not just a cheap frontend for cli tools. i miss a single queue window for multiple extractions though.

@fredsarran : Hi, here's a quick overview.

(Disclosure: I'm the author of Entropy)

- Preview: Use Quick Look on files inside archives
- Scriptable: You can control Entropy using AppleScript/Python
- Finder Integration: Create/Extract archives directly from Finder
- Over 30 formats supported
- Convert existing archives to other formats
- Fine tunable: Auto-extract & quick save modes, file filters, auto-encoding detection, etc
- Performance: Most archivers for Mac are simply front-ends for command-line archivers. In contrast, Entropy directly reads/writes archives (with the exception of rar). As a result, you will notice that Entropy is faster than other archivers.

To the best of my knowledge, other archivers only implement a small subset of the features above, if any at all. If you compare it to other full-featured archivers, Entropy is fairly priced; For instance, Stuffit Deluxe retails for ~$50.

Whats the difference between this compress app to the others ? Beside having a sexy interface. Because 19 dollar is expensive for what it does.