Escape Velocity: Nova

Version: 1.0.10 || Release Date: 2006-07-21 || License: Shareware (30$) Developer: Ambrosia Software, Inc | App Owner: rudyrichter

EV Nova is the third game in the Escape Velocity series, and is by far the most ambitious installment to date. With a completely redesigned gaming engine, EV Nova thrusts you into a sprawling universe dominated by a myriad of warring factions, each sharing a common bond, but so philosophically different as to make conflict inevitable.

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4 Opinions

Still pull this out for a game now and again but I wish they would make it Intel native.

I loved evnova, Wish there was a new one

I hate to break it to you, but Nova's been around for years. :)

It's still a really great game, though, and I've yet to find more that a handful of games in its league. (Ambrosia's newer Darwinia is one such game, BTW.)

I can't believe it - last night I downloaded some game demos that were sort of like Escape Velocity but somehow lacking. While I was trying them out I kept thinking over and over 'I WISH there was a new 'Velocity game'
Then today, just now... there it is.
What should I wish for next?

These are great games. I had to give up on the last one as there was a glitch I couldn't get rid of and couldn't get past. I can't wait to try this new one out.