Version: 1.4 || Release Date: 2012-11-04 || License: Shareware (29,95 €) Developer: Nowak Media | App Owner: swishkaufen

Build Javascript and Flash Slideshows with music and click actions with just a few clicks.

Works on mobile and desktop devices
eSlide Builder supports publishing Slideshows that can automatically decide whether to use the Flash version, or the JavaScript version.

Publish once, and it works on Flash as well as HTML5 capable platforms out of the box, including iPhone, iPad and Android.

No coding knowledge required
eSlide Builder allows you to easily arrange your slideshow with a few mouse clicks.

Simply drag & drop your images, soundtracks and text into the application, select colors and transitions effects, and your slideshow is ready to publish.

Ready made slide and text transitions
eSlide Builder comes with various ready made slide and text transition effects, just select the ones you like, tweak it with a little easing and you're done.

Publish once, and it works on Flash as well as HTML 5 capable platforms out of the box, including iPhone, iPad Android and Windows Phone.
Adjust colors and elements as you need
eSlide Builder lets you easily change the color of all interface elements, and allows to place the outside or hide them if they aren't needed.

This way you can adjust the slideshow so that it matches the look of your website, presentation, etc.

Enhance your slideshows with sound
eSlide Builder supports embedding MP3 soundtracks into your slideshows, and you don't need to worry about the browser support since the MP3 files get converted on export to fit the needs of the major browsers.

Add interactivity using click actions
eSlide Builder supports actions that are executed when the viewer clicks on a slide. You can for example link to websites, downloads, etc, or execute JavaScript.

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