Version: 2.8.13 || Release Date: 2011-06-20 || License: Commercial with demo ($24.95) Developer: Tao Effect | App Owner: theauharem

Espionage is a revolutionary application that aims to replace FileVault.

Espionage is the only software that will let you encrypt individual folders and interact with them straight from the Finder! No longer is it necessary to encrypt your entire home folder just to protect your email, or chat histories.

Encrypting data unnecessarily slows your computer down, and for laptop users, can be a drain on battery life. Espionage solves this problem by letting you encrypt only what you want, and it does it while integrating directly with the Finder.

And Espionage takes particular care to integrate well with any backup application.

Just double-click on a folder and enter your password at the prompt to unlock. Right-click on it to re-lock. Folder encryption has never been this easy before.

And for users who just want to put a password on unimportant data without securely encrypting it, such as a folder full of hundreds of videos that they don't want their grandparents to see, Espionage has them covered. While securely encrypting folders is its chief purpose, Espionage can put a password on any folder in a flash without touching its contents.

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5 Opinions

I NEVER give opinions unless I think it really matters, so here's my opinion:

There are a handful of apps I consider "Essential MAC Apps":
Path Finder
NEAT Receipts
...and now ESPIONAGE

I love this app AND... the customer service is very quick. I made a couple inquires about "feature requests" and the guy who made Espionage replied back in just under 3 hours... that's not too bad...

This app to me is necessary and essential b/c I don't need to encrypt my whole hard drive (i.e. FileVault or PGP) OR even encrypt every single folder I want to lock with this program... I love that I can just LOCK a folder so that there is no processor intensive usage like when I LOCK & ENCRYPT a folder...

ALSO, you can lock and encrypt APPLICATIONS with Espionage so now I'm able to lock and encrypt my 'Things' and 'NEAT Receipts' applications from curious eyes in my family...!


Seems like a easy and good application for it purpose. Best part is choosing folders to encrypt (instead of the whole Home folder in FileVault).

No review, but to clarify the previous Commenter: Download from the dev's site works. It's Leopard ONLY, can't tell from the site if it's UB or not though.

The application does not exist anymore in the developer's website.
The download link does not work.
And Espionage's page in MacUpdate says that it is a PowerPC application (not Universal Binary).
Could someone explain?