Version: 2.0.4 || Release Date: 2012-07-23 || License: Shareware (59.95 €) Developer: MacRabbit | App Owner: factoryjoe

Powerful new HTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript development tool.

Espresso is not a bunch of apps forcibly smashed together. Instead, we looked at the needs of modern web developers and streamlined their workflow into one focused app. Extremely powerful editing, sleek projects, live preview (we make CSSEdit!), real publishing and extensive synchronization tools. All this, and an amazing extensible core? It's not too good to be true.

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It gets better and better. It might not be as powerful as Coda or as versatile as Textmate, but it is a lot of fun using it. And there is no better way to get some visual structure in messy code. For a Designer like me (doing HTML, CSS & JavaScript) who likes to code by hand – it is already a great choice.

Espresso is great! A very polished app, with an awesome icon that makes me smile when I look at my dock :-)

Sugars are a great way to expand the app's features.

No site-wide search. No obvious way to upload/download a single file without synchronizing. Mis-detects the time offset between my mac & the server, & even when I set it manually, sync wasn't giving accurate status. Frustrating.

Awesome piece of application that gets better with every release. Great potencial and more Mac-like than the other tools out there that aim for the same purpose. Not overloaded like Coda and extensible with a Cocoa plugin architecture, called sugar. Must have for professional webdesigners.

CODA = Cheaper and way better.

I think Espresso has potential. I'll check every 6 months hoping I can use it instead of CODA.

BTW, Espresso is as snappier as CSSedit! Two thumbs up for that!

I wanted a little more than TextWrangler, and I think I got what I asked for.
The search & replace is weak, and code detection isn't quite there, but the source code view is just awesome! I've been using Espresso for two months now, it's been a great user experience.

Very good idea and intention. I believe it could be a great app if they would integrate it with CSSEdit and made the FTP functionality less clumsy. And I need to preview my local MAMP files… Unfortunately it is useless, yet…

The fact that they call their Plug-ins "Sugars" is ridiculous. Such lame marketing in my opinion. This and the fact that they made themselves a part of a recent mac "pretty but crappy" software explosion really cheapens their whole image to me also. Nothing beats Textmate currently.

Would be a great application if it was integrated with MacRabbits CSSedit. But this way it is a bit complicated… 

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