Version: 2.0.4 || Release Date: 2012-07-23 || License: Shareware (59.95 €) Developer: MacRabbit | App Owner: factoryjoe

Powerful new HTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript development tool.

Espresso is not a bunch of apps forcibly smashed together. Instead, we looked at the needs of modern web developers and streamlined their workflow into one focused app. Extremely powerful editing, sleek projects, live preview (we make CSSEdit!), real publishing and extensive synchronization tools. All this, and an amazing extensible core? It's not too good to be true.

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I'm disappointed with what I've found in Espresso. I love CSS Edit and was very excited to see what the MacRabbit team was going to bring to a full code editor. Sadly, not much. It's lacking in usable FTP functions, visual CSS, even a help file?!?! It seems odd that with these things lacking there is already a cute plugin setup with 'sugars' and 'tea'. I'll stick with Coda.

So sad.

I had such high hopes for this app, but after several months in the beta program and several weeks with the release, I have to admit that I'm disappointed. No visual CSS editing, live preview doesn't work as advertised, code snippets can't wrap around selections, the list goes on and on.

Hopefully in a few months things get better. But as it stands, I really can't recommend Espresso to anyone.

I love the code coloring when RegEx searching but wish I could do multiple files at once (Like TextMate or BBEdit). Needs a WYSIWYG CSS editor to compete with Coda. They make one so I'm surprised it wasn't released with it build in. CSSEdit is much nicer than Coda's build in editor.

I tried to like it, but it doesn't seem to do any one thing well. Look elsewhere if you want a serious tool.

I love Espresso!! Its the best!

I'm so in love with espresso!!!

textmate and cssedit is where it's going to stay with me. As much I like the idea of an all in one program, I just can't enjoy them.


Sorry, I should have said, "Coming from the world of Smultron, a visual css editor was not a deal breaker."

So I can see if it was something that was in a previous program that you used and you were coming to Espresso because of it's "all-in-one" nature, then for sure I can see it falling short of expectations.

Contrary to txcrew below, I find a missing visual CSS editor to be a deal breaker for me.

I tested this app while it was still in its early preview and later beta stages. I was very underwhelmed with its overall functionality, granted it was still a beta.

However, after having purchased the 1.x stable release, I've found it to be a very solid alternative to Dreamweaver and Coda.

A visual CSS editor would be nice but certainly is not a deal breaker.

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