Version: 2.0.4 || Release Date: 2012-07-23 || License: Shareware (59.95 €) Developer: MacRabbit | App Owner: factoryjoe

Powerful new HTML, XML, CSS and JavaScript development tool.

Espresso is not a bunch of apps forcibly smashed together. Instead, we looked at the needs of modern web developers and streamlined their workflow into one focused app. Extremely powerful editing, sleek projects, live preview (we make CSSEdit!), real publishing and extensive synchronization tools. All this, and an amazing extensible core? It's not too good to be true.

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The new version (2.0.1) now has CSSEdit 3.0 built in. Since most of what I do are Drupal/Joomla CMS sites, what I need is the CSS editing, not HTML creation. Espresso 2 works really well for that.

"Not dead, Espresso 2 pre-release is out!"

Yaaay! So I can buy it again for only 30 bucks (unfortunatelly I bought it few days before April 10th), get 2 years of almost no updates and be able to buy Espresso 3 in 2013!

Not dead, Espresso 2 pre-release is out!

looks like it's dead, i liked it more than coda…

I never liked CSSEdit; it's too much of a n00b app. Espresso is the best editor I've ever used. It just needs a few more features.

Despite its many benefits and niceties, I think development of this product is partially misguided. The same can be said about its main competitor, Coda:

The one key thing that both Espresso and Coda lacks, is a realtime CSS editing facility (as per CSS Edit fashion). Why Espresso doesn't get this right, is a mystery to me:

What's wrong with bundlling the great wysiwyg functionality of CSS Edit into Espresso and jump into pole position? It seems to me that development on CSS Edit has fallen behind more and more during the last few years – something that may fall naturally, since it's almost perfect for what it does. But since Espresso already has a similar (yet strikingly crippled compared to CSS Edit's) wysiwyg facility – why did they reinvent the wheel and not just replicate the whole thing into Espresso?

I used CSSEdit before and Espresso was the next best thing that has happened... a must have app for web developers... keeps the code chaos under control.

i love this app SO much! :3

I've been following Espresso since it was announced and it seemed to get off to a shaky start (personally I blame too many people judging the beta versions too quickly).

It's only very recently that I've made the switch to Espresso from Coda and I absolutely love it. The awesome speed of CSSEdit's live preview is a winner and something Coda still can't match.

My only complaint is not being able to view MAMP files but aside from that it's a solid app that's enjoyable to use.

Has everything I love about Textmate (expandability/live web view), Coda (auto-completion/ftp client) and CSSEdit (live preview with css overrides), rolled into one darn good looking app. And just seems to get better by the update.

A definite thumbs up :)

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