Version: 5.4.3 || Release Date: 2013-10-01 || License: Freeware Developer: Evernote | App Owner: cleveland

Capture notes from anywhere and store in a central, searchable place.

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at anytime, from anywhere.

  • Create notes containing text and audio
  • Find printed and handwritten text within images
  • Clip application and web content directly into Evernote
  • Synchronize with the Evernote Service and access all notes, even ones taken using other clients

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You can now export your data to html or xml files: http://www.documentsnap.com/how-to-export-your-data-out-of-evernote/

There also was an imap server that allowed for example automatic sync for offline access, backup to gmail; but I'm not sure it still works (it's not supported anymore).

I understand completely your concerns. People should save their files in open formats (in case they don't want to keep using the specific software).
There's any alternative you can recommend?

It's an exceptionally nice program, especially since it's free. Small ads on the free one, but they're pretty ignorable for such a functional app for free. They even have a surprisingly-accurate text scanning for images, though it must be uploaded, and thus eats up some of your (40MB for free) monthly upload quota.

But the free version has no SSL on uploads (& downloads?), and it has horrendous import / export capabilities. Essentially, it's an insecure or expensive lock-in system, despite claims I've seen a few places from the company that they value openness. A nice lock-in, truly, but no freedom to leave without huge cost means I'm not touching it.

In short, if you find $45/year worth it, and never expect to leave, it's excellent. Otherwise, I'm not touching it.

Sync's my notes to my iphone and my computers. I like it.

I've got evernote on my laptop, desktop and iphone. You can't beat it for syncing ideas hassle-free.

Great for jotting down ideas for lyrics, poetry, recording voice notes, etc. My only request would be for a folder structure, tags are good, but it would be great to be able to file notes away just like emails.

New version fixes snow leopard problems

Would be nice if it wasn't super buggy.

Adding pages from Safari's latest versions is very buggy: it loses images, formatting, reflows page structures, sometimes the resulting page in Evernote looks completely different to the one in Safari (apart from the text, that is).
For simple notetaking there are freeware apps without annoying ads built-in.
For web page archival there are much better apps (paid) like DevonThink, Together, Yojimbo that give perfect results and are much faster.

I like it and I use it on OS X, WinXP, and iPod touch. It's become an essential part of all kinds of workflows. I'm still using the free version. The ads are not a big deal, for me, as I get a lot of use out of the product and they have to monetize it somehow.

Things in my previous comment being said, I have found Evernote to be useful and an enhancement to my productivity, although I have not been using it enough to warrant a subscription. I also find the (rather unobtrusive, IMHO, once you get over the initial annoyance) ads a small price to pay for the free usage and reassurance the service will not go away one day taking my notes with it.

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