Version: 1.5.2 || Release Date: 2010-10-25 || License: Shareware ($14.95) Developer: Snarbsoft | App Owner: snarb

Music player merges iTunes with Last FM

A light weight, stand alone media player, Everplay plays music from your iTunes library as well as from Last FM online radio services.

Scrobble. Share. Love. Shout. Everplay connects you to the social music playground.

Features include:

  • Cover Flow browsing
  • Last FM web and radio services
  • Video support
  • Hotkeys
  • Desktop mini-controller
  • Visual track change notifications
  • Remote control
  • Jukebox, Similar Artists and full screen mode.

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6 Opinions

Version 1.5 comes with fetch, add and correct song lyrics from the world's largest online lyrics database & reduced price...

Very nice but unfortunately basic functions like changing playlists or going to the currently playing track make it stutter and beachball on my G5 with 120 GB playlist. iTunes handles these fine so for now I'm not switching. Needs multi-threading or some other optimization to be useable on older macs with large libraries.

@ bromr:
There's also Ecoute.
And it's cheaper than Everplay.

I like it. Finding an alternative for iTunes in MacOS is really hard to find.

Not freeware anymore.
The price is around 20 dollars.

Very promising. Good interface, seems stable, delivers the promised features, already better than the other alternative Last.fm clients for the Mac. As of 1.0b4.1, it does not, however, support "lastfm:" URLs, and playing personal tag stations is possible only through Recent stations (thankfully "imported" from the official Last.fm client) and does not work for tags with spaces.