Version: 1.2 || Release Date: 2014-05-14 || License: Freeware Developer: Consunet Pty Ltd | App Owner: consunet

Free, encrypted password manager that works everywhere using a single file.

EveryPass is a free, open source, portable password manager that provides safe storage of passwords on modern computers, tablets and phones. There is no need to install EveryPass, a modern web browser is all that is required. Because EveryPass is a standalone application and not a service there is never any downtime and no need to be online to access your passwords.

EveryPass uses the strongest possible AES encryption for user data to ensure passwords are stored safely. This is the same encryption used by banks, governments and leading security products to safeguard critical data. EveryPass is open source allowing encryption and application implementation to be verified for correctness.

EveryPass is built using web technology standards and packaged as a single HTML5 file for superb portability and ease of use. When adding passwords, a new file is saved directly to the host computer or device. This file can then be safely placed on a USB drive or cloud based file service for ease of access.

System Requirements: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
License: GPL
Website: https://consunet.com.au/products/everypass/
Download: https://consunet.com.au/products/everypass/download.php
Sample: https://consunet.com.au/products/everypass/EveryPassSample.html

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