Version: 11.3.7 || Release Date: 2007-09-06 || License: Commercial with demo ($229.95) Developer: Microsoft Corporation | App Owner: andrewy1

Organize, analyze and present your data with precision and panache. The new tools in Microsoft® Excel for Mac give you more control over your spreadsheets, and the enhanced charting tools give you more dynamic ways to display your information.

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2 Opinions

Pretty much the worst version of excel in existance. I'd rather use Excel 2000 than this piece of shit mac version.

Biggest blunder... it can't undo after file saves. Save the file and you lose undo history. What retard coder over at MS thought this was ok?

If you need excel, better off using it in VMware. I've been making do with Numbers.

This has to be a record. I installed Office 2008, opened an Excel spreadsheet, and it crashed 54 seconds later when I tried to copy a cell.