Excel Restore Toolbox

Version: 1.0.0 || Release Date: 2013-09-22 || License: Shareware ($27) Developer: RestoreTools.com, Inc. | App Owner: restore7inc

Opens corrupted documents of MS Excel format for analysis and restores data

Excel Restore Toolbox is exactly what you are looking for to resolve the corruption of XLS and other supported tables. This method of analysis, powered by Excel Restore Toolbox, minimizes the damage of viruses, hardware failures, software issues and even user mistakes. Do not worry about the corruption of XLS internal structure anymore, try Excel Restore Toolbox and check its performance anytime and on any computer in the local area network. This tool is small but powerful, besides its evaluation costs nothing so you may open the website of Excel Restore Toolbox and get the installation file for testing. The engine of Excel restoration is really complicated, but it does not affect the ease of its interface that is much easier than you may imagine. Open Excel Restore Toolbox by clicking its shortcut as soon as the download is completed, follow its guidelines and begin the analysis. In general it may look like the decompression of packed documents, all you need is selecting the path for input document and clicking the Next button to continue. Excel Restore Toolbox works anywhere, even on oldest PC workstations, providing the same efficiency of analysis. In the same time, it is recommended that you select more powerful computers to improve the speed of analysis, otherwise the processing of very large databases may take a lot of time. Since there are no other ways to improve the speed of Excel data restoration, you may trigger the processing of selected document and get some rest until it is running. After the end of XLS file analysis, Excel Restore Toolbox automatically moves to the previewing of restored information and permits evaluating the results of restoration. The usage of Excel Restore Toolbox guarantees the safety and integrity of analysis, this application does not modify the structure of input documents under review. Besides, it recovers Excel documents offline, without the connection to external servers.
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