Version: 1.5.1 || Release Date: 2008-10-25 || License: Shareware (19.50 EU) Developer: SeoSoft | App Owner: seoxys

Find yourself needing to protect secret files? Need to hide those love letters from your past loved one? Or maybe you need to hide those invoices your little sister keeps fiddling with.

Here's your solution!

Exces. Simple, pretty, secure. Exces allows you to protect your precious files with the click of a button. Just pick a password, lock, and you're good to go. Exces uses the strong, uncracked AES encryption standard.

Further information

Exces is a tool that lets the users create password-protected vaults. The ease of use and the attractive interface are Exces' key features. Each vault is protected using the same encryption algorithm Apple uses for FileVault - AES 128. Exces features a password assistant, to help choose strong passwords. Exces now also has a shrink vault feature, which lets you easily shrink a vault to the minimum possible disk space.

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6 Opinions

I actually think this is a great little app. I use it all the time. Easy to use, very reliable. I didn't mind paying the 15 (although 10 would have been better). ;-)

The latest version is 1.2 (not 1.1.4). You may confirm that in the application's website.

You can do the same with disk utility but this app just turns it easier for some people. and with most better "look&feel".

The effects are nice but like the two before me already said, everything this tool can do you can do with Disk Utility too.

Groan... another app that is little more than a glorified shell for the encryption service. Everything this app can do and more can be done in Disk Utility.

Nice eye candy. But $15 for something you can do just as well in Disk Utility is a little high.

Very nice design though.