Facebook Desktop

Version: 1.3 || Release Date: 2010-01-21 || License: Shareware (4.99 USD) Developer: Bit Per Second | App Owner: jeux

You are Facebook addicted?
Sick from keeping your browser opened all the time?
Your browser tab of facebook get messed with the other pageses tabs?
Tired from annoying your attention by all those docked programs?

Then facebook desktop is for you!

Stay 24/7 online in facebook with facfebook desktop.

-Small and fast
-on close it minimizes in the system menu so it always running in background and you are one click away from your facebook profile.

The best "look and feel" while staying connected to facebook. A fullscreen facebook chat and facebook browser in one window, staying in background when closed next to your clock at the system menu.

Just set it up to open at login and stay online with your friends!

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3 Opinions

oooh so you used Fluid and made a site specific menu app and now sell it? when a person can get Fluid for free and have this and any other site they want in their menubar? wow that's low lol sorry to be negative but you got some nads

This appears to just be a site specific browser…being sold for $4.99. It doesn't appear to actually have any real special functionality other than the fact that it moves a few buttons from the in-site toolbar to a software toolbar.

Great app, you gonna love it!