Family Tree Maker

Version: 2011 || Release Date: 2010-12-11 || License: Commercial with demo ($69.95) Developer: | App Owner: fletch

Family Tree Maker for Mac, which is based on Family Tree Maker 2010, makes organizing, researching and sharing your family history easier than ever.

Build your family tree.
Start your family tree from scratch, download a tree from or import a family tree file from a family member. Then use the powerful sourcing tools in Family Tree Maker for Mac to document and rate each fact in your tree.

Enhance your family history.
Illustrate your family story with photos, historical records and audio and video files. The easy-to-use tools in Family Tree Maker for Mac let you scan images right into your tree and even create slideshows. And don't miss the interactive maps that can give you a bird's-eye view of your ancestors' homelands.

Share your discoveries.
Create a variety of colorful family tree charts, such as pedigree, descendant, bowtie and fan charts, among others. Play with custom templates. Add personal touches like family pictures and backgrounds. And create reports that provide a snapshot of your family tree and help you plan what to research next. You can also combine charts, reports, timelines, photos and stories in a custom book that your family will treasure.

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