Version: 1.4.1 || Release Date: 2013-06-26 || License: Commercial with demo ($9.99) Developer: Dirk Holtwick | App Owner: holtwick

The App for Internet Favorites.

"To me, Favs is a web nerd’s dream come true already." - Federico Viticci, macstories.net

If you are using social networks, you are also creating favorites. On Facebook you ‘like’, on Twitter and Google Reader you ‘star’, on Delicious and Pinboard you ‘bookmark’ and so on.

★ Find Favorites

Instead of spreading your favorites across different networks, use Favs to sync them to your Mac. Don't waste any more time on searching for your favorite content - Favs has a powerful search feature build right into the application that makes finding what you like a breeze.

★ Follow Favorites

Many favorites are public, for example on Twitter. This allows you to follow the favorites of persons you like and just see their hand-picked articles. For those sources Favs marks new entries as ‘unread’ and you can use Favs as a sophisticated Reader app.

Supported Services

+ Delicious
+ Dribbble
+ Facebook
+ Flattr
+ Flickr
+ Github
+ Google Reader
+ Instagram
+ Instapaper
+ Pinboard
+ Readability
+ Read It Later
+ StackOverflow
+ Twitter
+ Vimeo
+ YouTube
+ Zootool

Learn more about the powerful search and other features at http://www.favsapp.com/help

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