fennel DVDManager

Version: 1.9 || Release Date: 2014-09-29 || License: Commercial with demo (€19.99) Developer: Fennel Software | App Owner: fennelsoftware

Manage the workflow of your DVD library.

fennel DVDManager is our next-generation DVD manager (sic) for OS X. With its clean interface, available in 17 languages, DVDManager makes maintaining your DVD library as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Retrieve & Update your DVDs' details through online sites; or
  • Add & Edit them manually, yet quickly (just the core details!)
  • Manage their life when lent to friends thanks to your Address Book
  • Create box sets+wish list easily, and manage them intuitively
  • Export a complete list of your DVD library, etc.
Quick, Simple, Easy & Fun! It's time to manage the workflow of your DVDs with Style.

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7 Opinions

Ce logiciel est vraiment agréable à utiliser. Je gère près de 250 DVD sans aucun soucis, ni bug. Très pratique, il gère les prêts et ceux que vous avez envie d'avoir. J'ai quelques mises à jour à demander aux auteurs mais Il va falloir qu'enfin je me décide à envoyer mon mail et que je leur demande si cela est possible.
Merci pour ce soft

Hi Matthew. We're glad to read you're appreciating our efforts to deliver a useful piece of software for our beloved platform. And kudos for your HTML export ;) Regarding the non-retrieval of the genre, it's a known issue (see our "Read Me.rtf" file), and the good news is that it's already "fixed" for most Web sources in the internal build of our next major version. So thanks for your patience 'till we let the dog get out :) Cheers.

Good job for creating such an excellent yet free product! I have just exported my list on http://www.niumalta.com/matthew/dvdmanager/ I also have a direct link from my website! The only thing that bothers me is when you Input a film by its name the Genre is left empty.. Can this be fixed?? thanks a lot

Thanks for the kind words, groxx. We're glad to read that you do appreciate our efforts to produce some quality software, and are literally thrilled to hear we've succeeded in providing some helpful support service. THANKS again!

All in all, it's an excellent app. Simple, clean, functional, and fast. Having tried a few library applications, this is my favorite for DVDs by far. DeliciousLibrary absolutely CRAWLS compared to this. The developers have also been quick to respond to any emails I've sent, which is always a perk ;)

Hi dawncandace. We're kind of puzzled to read your comment 'cause our Import mechanism is known to be working. If it's not the case for you, could you please contact us directly by e-mail, and we'll see with you why you can't get your data to be imported into fennel DVDManager. Thanks in advance.

I'd like it better if the import feature worked.