fennel DVDManager Pro

Version: 2.4 (65) || Release Date: 2014-11-26 || License: Commercial with demo (€19.99) Developer: Fennel Software | App Owner: fennelsoftware

Better manage the workflow of your DVD library.

fennel DVDManager Pro is our next-generation DVD manager (sic) for OS X. With its clean interface, available in 17 languages, DVDManager Pro makes maintaining your DVD library as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Retrieve your DVDs' details through online sites; or
  • Add & Edit them manually, yet quickly (just the core details!)
  • Manage their life when lent to friends thanks to your Address Book
  • Create box sets+wish list easily, and manage them intuitively
  • Export a complete list of your DVD library, etc.
Quick, Simple, Easy & Fun! It's time to better manage the workflow of your DVDs with Style.

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