Version: 0.9.10 || Release Date: 2009-08-30 || License: GPL App Owner: patrickg

FFView is a fast OpenGL-powered picture viewer a la ACDsee (2.x). It is aimed at letting you read manga or other comics onscreen (windowed & fullscreen mode). Features include fast prefetching, smooth panning, voice commands, 2-page mode, a magnifying lens, the ability to browse pictures inside archives (.rar/.cbr, .zip/.cbz/, .pdf) and sticky per-picture options. It reads EXIF tags and is scriptable.

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Apparently disabling the 'Speech Recognition' option isn't saved (on Mac OS 10.5). Editing the preferences in the com.feedface.ffview.plist file works though (eg: with PlistEdit Pro) :

Opens up speakable items widget in Snow Leopard.. have to log out to get rid of it. Very annoying. Broken.

Another nice hidden option (see help file):
To have the image list cleared before new files are opened:
<code>defaults write com.feedface.ffview udn_clear_list_before "1"</code>

Note: if you want your images to be smoothly zoomed or fit to the screen, be sure to check the antialiasing option. (Found in 'Options' menu, not in 'Preferences'.)
If you don't, you'll get a quite ugly 'stairs' effect when not zoomed at 100%.

(Looks like linear interpolation vs. cubic interpolation, more information on this subject, comparing Mac OS X vs. Windows XP here (in French).)

Very good to view photos too:
- can start in full screen without opening normal window first (unlike JustLooking for example. Note: this is a hidden option, see help file)
- can zoom to fit width (or fit whole photo)
- has shortcut to delete photo while viewing full screen.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have nice fading transitions between photos, maybe it'll come some day.

Definitely the best comic reader on the Mac (and i've tried a few).

Very nice, purpose-built comic reader. I blazed through all 75 issues of Sandman with it!

The hotkey editor is much appreciated- I have it set up so I can use the mouse as a kind of uber-lazy one button paging remote.

Comic reader? This is the best and fastest image viewer for the Mac! No nonsense.

Best comic reader I've found. But its window management is really odd. Dragging the image window around on my main display is jerky and unpredictable, and forget about using it on my second (larger) display. Bummer.

This is awesome for reading my hentai/pr0n collection ;)
I also use it for image-only PDF files (without text), as it zips through them.

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