File Buddy

Version: 9.0.1 || Release Date: 2007-04-24 || License: Commercial with demo ($39,95) App Owner: cheepnisaroma

General file management app. View and edit a range of file & folder information. Create droplet applications that apply changes to items dropped on them. Find files and folders using a set of search criteria. Enhance file searches with plug-ins. Perform a wide variety of actions on found items. Modify the names of multiple files at once. Use contextual menus to accomplish many tasks in a single step. Find empty files and folders, orphaned files, duplicate files, broken aliases, and unused preference files. Repair broken aliases. Rebuild the desktop file. Move, delete and copy files. And more.

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BTW, ignore previous comment ... irrelevant. Choose wisely which folder you search for Find Duplicates, and don't hesitate to choose large directories one at a time.

Superb ... especially its Find Duplicates function, although it does so much more ... Handles every detail, very well-thought out. I've used it for years.

This crashes on my 100gb HD, MBP when I try 'Duplicate Files'. It sees that there are 75,000 files to read, starts scanning, and then gives an Error -5000