File Juicer

Version: 4.48 || Release Date: 2016-08-01 || License: Shareware ($17.95) Developer: Echo One | App Owner: echoone

Extract images from files, folders, flash cards, iPods and iPhones

File Juicer is a drag & drop can opener and data archaeologist. Its specialty is to find and extract images, video, audio or text from files which are hard to open in other ways.
It finds and extracts: JPEG, JP2, PNG, GIF, PDF, BMP, WMF, EMF, PICT, TIFF, Flash, Zip, HTML, WAV, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, MP3, AIFF, AU, WMV or text from files which contain data in those formats.

Lossless extraction... File Juicer does't convert the images/sounds/videos it finds, but saves them unchanged in their original format if possible. See the manual for details.

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Also works to decompress / extract files from .mht web archives (aka: mhtml, MIME HTML) used by Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer or Opera.

File Juicer has saved my bacon more times than I can count. When people insist on sending you pictures embedded in inscrutable Word or PDF documents, File Juicer gets you usable images at the highest resolution possible. Well worth the money.

Tried it to extract some artwork from iTunes .itc files and it extracted some but failed on others, particularly it only extracts low resolution artwork from some files.

I keep it in the Dock and drop troublesome files on it. It usually gives me the missing "juice" in more than one format, e.g., TEXT, RTF, and HTML, each in their own clearly labeled folder. It has saved me no end of grief with ancient binary-format MS Word files.

But iExtractMP3 could extract it :).

Couldn't extract the mp3 contained inside the .flv file I used for the test.


* Extract images from a PowerPoint slide show or presentation.
* Extract images and text from PDF files.
* Recover images and video from erased flash cards
* Recover text from damaged files
* Extract the images and HTML files in Safari's cache.
* Extract attachments from email archives.
* Rebuild simple PDF files into Word documents
* Convert iPhoto's iPod cache files and ithmb files to TIFF.
* Extract Flash animations saved in .EXE files.
* Convert ZIP files which have been saved as .EXE files to zip.
* Extract the JPEG pictures from Canon & Nikon RAW files.
* Extract System 7 Sounds
* Use it for forensics examining cache files of various kinds
* Invisibly attach files to images - simple steganography

File Juicer doesn't care what type file you drop onto it; it searches the entire file byte by byte. If it finds a JPEG, JP2, PNG, GIF, PDF, BMP, WMF, EMF, PICT, TIFF, Flash, Zip, HTML, WAV, MP3, AVI, MOV, MPG, WMV, MP4, AU, AIFF or text file inside, it can save it to your desktop or to another folder you choose.

Achaiah - thank you - I am blind to misspellings even my applications name!

I love this app - it saved my lost holiday photos after the developer so kindly added iPod nano photo extraction so I could get the tiny versions into a JPG format I could manage. It's also very useful when dealing with weird formats, and is very reasonably priced for all the cool stuff it does. I highly recommend it!

Isn't it supposed to be File Juicer? ...instead of jucier

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