Version: 2.4 || Release Date: 2009-05-20 || License: Freeware Developer: Apple Computer, Inc. | App Owner: h3h

FileMerge is one of the old NeXT Developer applications that survived into the days of Mac OS X, and with good reason: It kicks the pants off anything else when it comes to quickly going through file changes, marking them on the scrollbar, allowing you to breeze through them with parallax scrolling, and merging them with a single click.

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I was starting to like this and the fact that it was free, but it doesn't merge folders which makes this useless to me. I've been using now.

@sneeka2 - Agreed! For as good as Apple usually is with these things, they've really let FileMerge go…

Great tool! If only it would handle UTF-8 correctly, or any non-MacRoman encoding for this matter.

It comes with the Developer tools which come with every DVD of Mac OS X.

Links now just goes to Apple main Developer page, and a search won't find the software :(

Beautiful program, and when it works it's wonderful. But sometimes it inexplicably fails to mark differences. For this reason, I usually use TextWrangler for my diffs at the moment. The moment FileMerge gets its bugs fixed, it will once again be my diff tool of choice.